How to Make “Terms of Use” User Friendly

By: Farrah Rahman, Knowledge Content Manager at; and Alina Butt, Research Analyst at

Terms of Use. Terms of Service. Terms and Conditions. You’ve probably never paid much attention to them, despite them being on every website you visit online. The problem with Terms of Use (TOU) is that they are difficult to read and understand, and if you really want to use the site, you have to agree to them anyway. Read more

What's Cool for the Week of October 3

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This week’s most read article is A Guide to Startup Employee Equity, By Founder Institute.

I’m excited to be speaking on the Analyst’s Panel at the Connected + IoT conference Oct 12-13, come join me. Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Mobile App Engagement

Originally published by Griffin Piatt on Branch Blog on August 26, 2016

Acquiring users is only the beginning of the arduous and ongoing battle to build and maintain your user base. Engaging users beyond the initial download is a daunting task, requiring significant investment and a concentrated and deliberate focus. This guide will provide figures, metrics, tools and tips to make your engagement challenge seem a little less formidable, or hopefully a lot.Read more

What's Cool for the Week of July 4

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What's Cool for the Week of June 27

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What's Cool for the Week of July 25

This week’s theme is the very few articles NOT about Thiel, Trump, Clinton or Yahoo.

Our most read article is Why Startup Technical Diligence is a Waste of Time (Coding VC)

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Branch Examined Universal Links Across Hundreds of Apps and the Data Speaks for Itself

Originally published by Austin Hay on Branch Blog on April 14, 2016

Implementing Universal Links results in a 40% increased conversion to open rate. Continue reading to learn more about the study.

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Data Scientists: 4 Reasons to Explore the Local Startup Community

By Chris Kay

Today it seems that everyone and their mother has a idea for a startup. It also seems that a ton of new startups are being built using data science and machine learning techniques.Read more

What's Cool for the Week of April 11

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Apple's Universal Links: A Testament to Untested Software

Originally published by Alex Austin on Branch Blog on April 3, 2016. This article also appeared as a guest post on Venture beat.

Apple’s software quality has been the subject of criticism for some time now. Marco Arment helped bring this to the forefront after publishing his blog post, “Apple has lost the functional high ground,” where he criticized the company for poor quality software.Read more