Things I learned Running INFINITI Lab

INFINTI Labs is all wrapped up and it was a wonderful experience. I had the fortune to arrange some seasoned and serial entrepreneurs to come in and speak at the Lab. It’s funny how very similar advice was given by different speakers and mentors. My thought is if several successful people give similar advice, you should probably listen. Here’s the most important things I learned while running INFINITI Lab Toronto.

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Help Empower the Drive for New Ideas in Toronto

I’m extremely excited to announce that Multiplicity is teaming up with INFINITI to support Toronto’s amazing entrepreneurial community. Together, we’re launching INFINITI LAB Toronto, a new ‘pre-accelerator’ program open to pre-seed startups working on IoT and smart city innovation.

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What’s up for Multiplicity in 2017

TL;DR New Content & Big IoT Project. Hello Multiplicity Friends, I know we’ve been quiet lately. But we've been busy working on some new exciting projects that I can’t wait to share with you shortly (more below).

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How to Make “Terms of Use” User Friendly

Terms of Use. Terms of Service. Terms and Conditions. You’ve probably never paid much attention to them, despite them being on every website you visit online. The problem with Terms of Use (TOU) is that they are difficult to read and understand, and if you really want to use the site, you have to agree to them anywa

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The Ultimate Guide to Mobile App Engagement

Engaging app users beyond the initial download is a daunting task, requiring significant investment and a concentrated and deliberate focus. This guide will provide figures, metrics, tools and tips to make your engagement challenge seem a little less formidable, or hopefully a lot.

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