What We’re All About

Building a startup is hard, but have no fear, Multiplicity is here to help. We’re a not-for-profit group supporting education and thought provoking conversations in the Toronto Start-up community.

Attention All Entrepreneurs,

The only way to predict the future is to invent it. What future are you inventing?

Multiplicity is a place for the intellectually curious:

– Those who are curious about how to build better startups.
– Those who are curious about how technology is making the world better.
– And those who are curious about how technology is shaping the future of our society.

Multiplicity’s voice is the curated manifestation of late night conversations with geeky friends about the future of our society, science, and technology. We want like minded, intellectually curious people to join this conversation.

Join us: 


Chris, Co-Founder & Curator

Where We Came From

In 2011, friends Chris Kay and Rajah Lehal rented a giant loft space in the Toronto Financial District to house entrepreneurs and to work on our own technology projects, and Multiplicity was born.